History of Hope

Hope Health Center was started in 2003 by Dr. Tom Edwards.  The vision for this ministry was the result of serving 10 years as a missionary in Ivory Coast, West Africa where medical needs were tremendous but the resources to meet them were almost nonexistent.  In addition, as is so clearly taught and lived out by Jesus in the Bible, spiritual needs are closely tied to a person’s well-being and therefore also need to be addressed.  So Hope Health Center was created to share the hope found in Jesus Christ by providing excellent, whole-person healthcare to a medically underserved community.  Our mission was further advanced in 2006 when Marion Henderson, a licensed counselor, joined our staff.

Initially, partnering with Household of Faith Church, the health center was located in East Lake.  Then in 2009, needing a larger facility and with additional healthcare being established in the community, Hope Health Center moved to Fairfield on the west side of Birmingham where we are located today.

We continue to grow to meet the increasing demands for excellent healthcare in our surrounding community.  In 2011 Dr. Ben Davidson, another family medicine physician, joined our staff.  In April 2015 Dr. Nathan Parvin, an optometrist and in May 2015 Dr. Leslie Frese, a dentist joined our staff offering excellent eye and dental care for our patients.